Occupant Forces During a Sideswipe with a Tractor-Trailer


A tractor-trailer changed lanes into a merging passenger vehicle resulting in a sideswipe type of collision. Plaintiff alleged that the forces from the collision resulted in a intervertebral disc herniations to her lumbar and cervical spine.


Explico's Steve Rundell was retained to determine the forces acting on the Plaintiff during the collision. Additionally, Dr. Rundell created a fully physics-based visualization of the movements experienced by both the vehicle's and plaintiff during the incident. Dr. Rundell determined that the forces acting on the Plaintiff during the collision were not consistent with the types of forces and motions that are typically associated with intervertebral disc herniations. Moreover, Dr. Rundell determined that the forces experienced by Plaintiff were generally minor, and less than those associated with routine and vigorous physical activity, such as hopping or shaking water out of one's ears.


Dr. Rundell prepared and provided a presentation for trial, but the case settled. Explico's clients were able to use the results of the analysis and the compelling visualizations to reach a favorable settlement.

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