Garbage Truck Collision at Intersection with Unrelated ECM Data


A pickup truck was traveling at a cross street intersection and had the right-of-way when it was impacted by a garbage truck that ran a stop sign. Because of the collision, the pickup truck rolled over and the driver later died. The defense argued that the pickup truck was traveling 1 to 3 mph over the posted speed limit and yielded its right-of-way. The questions that remained asked how the injuries occurred and what caused the collision.


Explico was retained by the plaintiff attorney in the case. Our experts inspected the location of the incident as well as both vehicles involved. Because of testimony, medical records, and imaging that was received, our team of experts reconstructed the original collision and concluded that the garbage truck did not stop at the stop sign. The injury patterns were also analyzed, and a full 3-D model of the head was created based on the medical imaging. The Electronic Control Module (ECM) download from the garbage truck was also reviewed, and the Explico team confirmed that it was not related to the subject incident based on the triggering threshold for the module.


After Explico’s discoveries and findings, the case proceeded to trial and resulted in a plaintiff’s verdict, which was eventually appealed. The case was resolved for an unknown amount.

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