Determining the Driver in a Roll-Over Incident


A vehicle containing multiple extremely intoxicated individuals “t-boned” another vehicle resulting in multiple deaths. Following the collision, the at-fault vehicle rolled over and caught on fire. One of the individuals inside, who had sustained fatal injuries, was claimed to be the driver.


Because law enforcement did not believe the decedent was the driver, Explico was retained to determine, based on the injuries, who was driving at the time of the collision. Our team of experts thoroughly evaluated and carefully analyzed the facts of the case as well as the injuries of all of the occupants inside the at-fault vehicle. Three-dimensional models of the injuries were created and used to visually explain the physical evidence.


Explico's Steve Rundell testified in federal court in Lander, Wyoming, and the jury agreed with Dr. Rundell's testimony, which was that the decedent was not the driver at the time of the collision.

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