Rapid Response

At Explico, we understand that time is important. The sooner we are involved after an incident, the more we can help. Explico practices strict evidence preservation and uses the most reliable and advanced technology, including 3D laser scanners, drone imagery, electronic data recorder downloads, and visualization tools.

Our knowledgeable staff is located nationwide, ready to provide reliable and precise inspection services. We specialize in the following rapid response situations:

• Single or multiple motor vehicle collision
• Heavy truck collision
• Pedestrian impact
• Bicycle or motorcycle collision
• Off-road vehicle collision
• Marine collision
• Fire origin causation and analysis
• Mechanical failure analysis

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Jennifer Anderson
Steve Arndt, PhD, CHFP
Keith Button, PhD, PE
Neal Carter, MS, PE
Massiel Checo
Rebecca Conway
Dominic Demma
Jordan Dickinson
Brad Dotson
Michael Erickson
Jody Ewers, JD, MLIS
Rose Figueroa, PhD, CHFP
Charles Funk, PhD, PE
Meryl Gardynik
Justin Holderness
Shaun Jeffs, MS, PE
Elizabeth Kappler
Emma Kinsel
Joseph Neal, MSME, PE
Joseph Olberding, PhD, PE
Jacob Palmer
Sam Perlmutter, PhD, CAP®
Karla Petroskey, MSE, PE
Nathan Rose, MS
Stephanie Rossman, PhD, PE
Steve Rundell, PhD, PE
Wendy Sanders, PhD, PE
Connor Smith
Paul Snyder, MS, PE
David Szybala
Kevin Walter
Dori Watts, MS
Brian Weaver, MS, PE
Janna Webb
Jason Zeitler, MS
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