Camera Matching, Evidence Placement, and Court Testimony


An allegation was made that an automated sliding door caused an individual to fall.


Explico was retained to investigate the claim. Our team of experts utilized security camera footage and performed a laser scan of the incident site in question, and both were used to reconstruct the event into a 3D environment. Specifically, the laser scan data was used by Explico to build a 3D model of the event site, which resulted in the location of the camera and the position of the individual being matched.


The results of the investigation conducted by Explico’s biomechanics and visualization practices concluded that the automated sliding door did not cause the individual to fall. Our team’s 3D reconstruction indicated that the door did not contact the individual while closing. Explico's Steve Rundell also testified in court to discuss his findings, and the jury concluded that the door was not at fault for causing the fall.

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