Telemetry Data Acquisition using GoPro Cameras

Telemetry Data Acquisition using GoPro Cameras


When Explico’s engineers discovered that some GoPro cameras contain GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope instrumentation, they decided to put it to the test. Many consumer devices have the capability to measure and record telematics data, but not many have the sampling rate and accuracy required to be useful to accident reconstructionists.


Testing was conducted with a passenger vehicle and a recreational motor boat. The vehicle and vessel were each instrumented with GoPro cameras and calibrated reference instrumentation. Our engineers performed a series of controlled tests to evaluate the quality of data captured by the GoPro cameras.


The data recorded by the GoPro cameras, including position, speed, linear acceleration, and angular acceleration, was reliable and accurate. The sampling rate and accuracy of their telematics instrumentation makes GoPro cameras useful tools for recording dynamic handling maneuvers in automotive and marine applications.

Related Publications:

Petroskey K., Funk C., Tibavinsky, I. Validation of Telemetry Data Acquisition using  GoPro Cameras. Society of Automotive Engineers. SAE 2020-01-0875.  

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