Adriano Vozza

Field Technician

Adriano Vozza
Detroit, MI
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Mr. Vozza is a Field Technician specializing in evidence preservation, data collection, and three dimensional model development. He has experience investigating and documenting evidence from vehicular, workplace, railroad, and other types of incidents.

Mr. Vozza has specific training and is a certified technician in the documentation and preservation of vehicle Event Data Recorders (EDRs) and has performed numerous data retrievals from airbag control modules. He also specializes in the design and implementation of scientific testing involving vehicle dynamics, workplace incidents, and product verification.

Prior to joining Explico Engineering Co. Mr. Vozza was a construction manager overseeing all aspects of a construction process from managing laborers to technical design of commercial and residential projects. His experience also includes use of technical equipment to measure the energy efficiency of building envelopes.

Adriano Vozza

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