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Explico’s multidisciplinary team consists of experienced experts in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, biomechanics, neuromechanics, accident reconstruction, human factors, and data analysis.

We serve clients nationwide from our Detroit, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Salt Lake City, and Seattle locations. Below are examples of collision types that Explico has analyzed:

  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Rollovers
  • Frontal, rear, and side collisions
  • Low-speed collisions
  • Restraint use and effectiveness
  • Helmet use and effectiveness
  • Pedestrian impacts
  • Construction site accidents
  • Work place accidents
  • Slips/trips and falls
  • Rail yard accidents
  • Occupational biomechanics evaluations
  • Cumulative trauma injuries
  • Infant head injury
  • Sports-related injuries

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Internship Opportunities

Explico is continuously seeking talented interns in Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics, Human Factors, Visualizaiton and Marketing.  Internships are available at our locations in Denver, Colorado and Novi, Michigan.  Our internships are paid and involve real world experience in our industry.  We are accepting internship applications year around, however, we staff most of our full-time internships during the summer months.  Some of the general duties include the following:

-       Research

-       Database Development

-       Testing

-       Marketing Support (Documentation of research and/or case study development)

You will not be spending your time as a barista for our staff or running to grab lunch.  You will be paid while gaining real world experience.

Starting pay for our interns ranges from $18-$25 an hour.

To apply, follow the step-by-step instructions in the application form below. To be considered, please do not disregard the video upload portion in which you address the three questions listed below.

1.) Tell us a little bit about you!

2.) Why does this industry/internship appeal to you?

3.) Tell us about a time you disagreed with someone.

To be considered, please follow the application instructions thoroughly. We look forward to learning more about you!