Human Factors

What is Human Factors?

As a multidisciplinary scientific discipline, human factors incorporates the fields of psychology, engineering, neuroscience, and kinesiology to understand and explain how people interact with their environment, with products, within processes, and with each other.

How does it apply to forensic investigation and analysis?

When people are involved in incidents that result in injuries to themselves or others, or damage to property, it is important to have a clear understanding of how their actions may or may not have contributed. Incidents happen in residential, industrial, and public places, and they can involve issues related to warning labels and risk communications, driver and operator behaviors, and interactions with industrial or consumer products. What is constant across all scenarios is that people behave within cognitive and physical limitations, and the understanding of their behaviors within those limitations can determine how the incident happened and if it could have been prevented.

What experience does Explico have in this area?

Explico’s human factors professionals have over 30 years of combined experience in performing human factors investigations nationally and regularly provide testimony for litigation matters and consulting for non-litigation matters.

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