Visibility During a Bicyclist and Vehicle Collision


On a sunny afternoon, a child was bicycling on a sidewalk after leaving a nearby park. As he was riding through a crosswalk, he collided with a vehicle attempting to make a right turn. It was claimed that a specific obstruction in the vicinity directly contributed to this incident. The child was not using a helmet and the incident resulted in fatal injuries.


Our team of experts conducted a case specific analysis to evaluate the visibility in the subject intersection by performing a thorough inspection during a similar weather and sun position, including evaluating critical distances based on factual information, to determine the plausibility of the specific obstruction claim and to determine the most likely scenario. Explico also documented the driving behavior and stopping patterns of vehicles transitions through the subject route during the inspection.


Explico determined that the specific obstruction in the original claim did not contribute to the subject incident. While this case resolved prior to trial, the results of Explico's analysis assisted in achieving a fair resolution at early stages in the case.

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