Steve Arndt, PhD, CHFP

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Steve Arndt, PhD, CHFP
Chicago, IL
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Dr. Arndt’s area of expertise is human factors and human performance. He specializes in investigating and explaining how people interact with their environment, information presented, tools, technologies, organizations, and individuals.

Dr. Arndt has more than 24 years of experience in both forensic and proactive work. He has assisted in the selection and development of safety systems for consumer and industrial equipment.  He has performed hazard and risk assessments for consumer products, industrial machines, and systems including oil field operations, hydraulic fracturing operations, fall protection and fall prevention systems, presses, conveyors, forklifts, scaffolding, aerial boom lifts, excavation equipment, amusement park attractions, consumer products, auditory warnings and signals, and medical devices.

Dr. Arndt has designed and evaluated auditory, visual and text-based warnings, labeling, and instructions. He has evaluated and assisted in the development of labels, manuals, safety data sheets and other collateral materials for consumer and industrial products, medical devices, and household and industrial chemicals.

Dr. Arndt also investigates operator behavior, decision-making, perceptual capabilities and limitations associated with vehicle operation, and decision and motor control response times. Pedestrian and motor vehicle work has included the assessment of visibility and conspicuity of objects in low-light and low-visibility environments as well as driver distraction and driver responses to complex or challenging environmental and workload situations.

Steve Arndt, PhD, CHFP

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