Shaun Jeffs, MS, PE

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Shaun Jeffs, MS, PE
Salt Lake City, UT
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Shaun Jeffs is a consultant with forensic engineering expertise in biomechanics, occupant kinematics, human injury tolerance, spinal biomechanics, automotive accident reconstruction, and general mechanical engineering fields. He holds a BS and MS in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University. His graduate research focused on the natural load-bearing capacity of the human lumbar spine.  

Mr. Jeffs has specific expertise investigating a diverse range of injury modalities including catastrophic automobile collisions, low-speed automobile collisions, recreational off-road vehicles, personal watercraft (PWC), power tools, exercise equipment, lift-trucks (forklifts), commercial vehicles, and bicycles. In the context of biomechanics and occupant protection, Mr. Jeffs analyzes the performance of vehicle roof structures, seatbelts, airbags, child restraints, helmets, consumer products, and guarding systems.

Mr. Jeffs has conducted and overseen dozens of large- and small-scale testing programs, including full-scale crash tests, vehicle inversion studies, open-water personal watercraft (PWC) tests, powered liftgate tests, projectile impact tests, anthropometric test device (ATD) tests, forklift-pedestrian tests, and power tool tests.

Mr. Jeffs is currently a member of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) Policy Committee where he has authored and contributed to public policy statements.

Shaun Jeffs, MS, PE

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