Steve Arndt, Ph.D., CHFP


Dr. Arndt specializes in human factors, human performance, and ergonomics associated with industrial and occupational safety, driver/operator performance and consumer product design. He provides consultation in the investigation and prevention of accidents and injuries with consumer products in the home and industrial products in occupational environments.

Dr. Arndt has 20 years of experience performing investigations of occupational and industrial incidents involving process safety, machine guarding, fall protection, and materials handling. He has assisted in the selection and development of safety systems for consumer and industrial equipment. He has performed hazard and risk assessments for consumer products, industrial machines and systems including, oil field operations, hydraulic fracturing operations, fall protection and fall prevention systems, presses, conveyors, forklifts, scaffolding, aerial boom lifts, excavation equipment, amusement park attractions, auditory warnings and signals as well as medical devices and many consumer products.

Dr. Arndt has also designed and evaluated warnings, labeling, instructions, manuals, safety data sheets and other collateral materials for consumer and industrial products, medical devices and household and industrial chemicals by applying government and voluntary standards, data gathered from scientific literature, product history data, accident and injury databases, and focus group testing. Dr. Arndt has participated in consumer product recalls by assisting manufacturers in defining the scope of potential recalls, testing, and development of announcements and instructions, and design and evaluation of retrofit parts for compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommendations. He also has performed risk, injury, and accident mode assessments and investigates operator behaviors, decision making, perceptions and response times associated with lines of sight and visibility and conspicuity.