Tara Leipold

Associate Scientist

Ms. Tara Leipold is an Associate Scientist at Explico. Ms. Leipold’s area of practice involves the investigation and reconstruction of vehicle collisions, occupant kinematics, and biomechanics. At Explico, Ms. Leipold performs inspections of vehicles and incident sites, reviews incident-related materials, conducts testing, and assists with accident analysis and reconstruction. Through her work, she utilizes 3D modeling and simulation software and operates evidence documentation equipment such as UAVs and laser scanners. Ms. Leipold is actively pursuing professional and technical advancements to further her expertise in accident reconstruction and biomechanics.

Ms. Leipold holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Human Movement Biomechanics from the University of Dayton. During Ms. Leipold’s undergraduate studies, she assisted engineering and biomechanics professors in the classroom and the lab as a Teaching Assistant. She also gained experience with motion capture as a Research Assistant by performing data collection in a motion analysis lab for human gait analysis. While completing her studies, Ms. Leipold completed two internships and a contractor ship with Explico where she provided technical support and conducted accident reconstruction and human factors research.

Tara Leipold

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