Dori Watts


Ms. Watts’s area of practice involves the investigation and reconstruction of accidents resulting in traumatic injury. As an Associate Scientist for Explico Engineering Company, Ms. Watts compiles data from testing, per-reviewed scientific literature, inspections, and other incident-related materials such as police reports to provide ample support for accident reconstruction and biomechanical analyses.

Prior to joining Explico Engineering Company, Ms. Watts was a biomedical engineering student at Lawrence Technological University where was also the captain of the varsity women’s golf team. During the school year, she practiced her teaching skills through tutoring math, science, and engineering courses. During the summers, she worked at Tenneco Automotive and researched at Yale University.

At Tenneco Automotive, Ms. Watts gained experience with finite element analysis and statistical analysis in her summer research project. She analyzed the testing of 360 degree welds to investigate possible areas to reduce cost in the testing process. At Yale University, she earned a competitive grant to gain research experience in the Regan Lab, a biophysics and biochemistry lab. She worked with a post-doctoral supervisor to research a potential biosensor for ricin, a highly toxic substance with potential uses in bioterrorism. Ms. Watts built on her analytical and problem-solving skills through her summer internships to prepare her for a career in problem solving.