Forensic Video Analysis

What is forensic visualization?

Forensic visualizations are interactive animations and simulations used to answer critical questions, and communicate important findings, by replacing the need for complicated verbal explanations that can be misunderstood, miscommunicated, and misleading. These visualizations are used to accurately represent how an incident occurred in a compelling and simple way, and are based on measured data and scientific analyses.

How does it apply to forensic investigation and analysis?

Traditional 3D modeling of scenes and objects has typically only been viewable and usable through complex and expensive software programs. At Explico, every visualization is a customizable, interactive application that can updated as new information becomes available, or alternate theories are considered, and universally works across devices and platforms.  Further, our visualizations, which are built using physics-based simulations and scene-based measurements as inputs, portray true, and accurate representations of our experts’ analyses rather than relying on, for example, an artist’s interpretation.

What experience does Explico have in this area?

The senior level engineers and scientists at Explico have been at the forefront of developing 3D visualization environments and applications specific to the world of forensics. Currently, Explico’s visualization capabilities include:

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