Fire and Explosion

What is fire and explosion investigation?

Fires and explosions can often be devastating and costly incidents, and determining the origin and cause of those incidents is of upmost importance. Fire investigation starts with the development of a scientifically-founded understanding of the origin and cause of a fire, which is done through proper scene documentation, evidence collection, and burn pattern analysis.

How does it apply to forensic investigation and analysis?

Our engineers rely on the scientific method to collect and analyze data, and then develop and test hypotheses to determine an origin and cause. By analyzing the damage patterns and fire dynamics, our engineers ensure that their work is well supported by case facts and fire science. Investigations involving fires and explosions, specifically with vehicles and marine vessels, require familiarity with specialty systems, which can often come under close scrutiny throughout an investigation. Explico’s forensic and reconstruction engineers have extensive experience in automotive and marine system design and performance, which provides an advantage when determining the origins and causes of fires and explosions.

What experience does Explico have in this area?

Explico has over 25 years of combined experience investigating fires and explosions, with particular expertise in vehicular and marine vessel thermal event investigation. Our team of certified Professional Engineers have investigated hundreds of fires throughout their careers and have extensive backgrounds in automotive and marine systems as well as in mechanical and metallurgical areas. Whether electrical, mechanical, human, or any number of other factors, our team possesses the required expertise to gather and analyze evidence and reconstruct events to determine the contributing factors to a fire.

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