Lilian Garza, MS


Lilian Garza, MS
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Detroit, MI
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Lilian Garza is a Scientist at Explico. As an scientist, Ms. Garza’s current work involves the evaluation of systems, specifically conducting analysis for human driving behavior, human decision making, safety and warning labels through the application of human factors and cognitive psychology. She is the Project Manager of 23 cases, in which she facilitates the advancement of the project through proactive work, such as collaboration with intra-company teams, and communication with the client to ensure quality in service is met.

Ms. Garza earned her Master of Science in Cognitive Systems from the University of Ulm in Ulm, Germany and her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. While in graduate school, Ms. Garza led a research project for her thesis which involved using Vive Pro VR goggles and a VR driving simulator (Unity). Her research looked into understanding the best modality for an autonomous vehicle to communicate with pedestrian crossing a street with no walkway, and their walking behavior. At Uni Ulm, Ms. Garza participated as an international Study Commission Member for her program and assisted new international students beginning they graduate program get accustomed to their new home and feel welcome.

During her undergraduate studies, Ms. Garza contributed in other research as a Research Assistant in the Department of Psychology’s decision making lab. Her educational experience and technical skills have been largely shaped by the research she has participated in. Due to this research-based background, she has experience in subject data collection.

Ms. Garza also strives to be an active member of her community by highlighting the importance of mental health. During her time in college, she co-established the first ever National Eating Disorder Association Walk in College Station.

Lilian Garza, MS

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