Vanni Roa

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Vanni Roa
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Detroit, MI
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Vanni Roa is an Associate Scientist at Explico Engineering Company. Mr. Roa’s area of practice involves the investigation and reconstruction of vehicle collisions.
He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The College of New Jersey and an EIT Certification. During Mr. Roa’s undergraduate studies, he gained proficiency in 3D Modeling and Finite Element Analysis for mechanical design. For his senior capstone project,
he designed and prototyped a solar desalination system geared toward providing clean water for Third World countries. Prior to Explico, Mr. Roa gained quality control, design, and assembly experience in the manufacturing industry.

At Explico Engineering Company, Mr. Roa supports the Accident Reconstruction team by reviewing incident-related documents, conducting inspections, and assisting
in the analysis of vehicle collisions. He utilizes 3D modeling and simulation software to reconstruct an accident in a virtual environment. He also applies fundamental physics principles to analyze vehicle dynamics and damage after a collision. Mr. Roa is
actively studying cutting edge scientific literature and pursuing newly relevant methods in Accident Reconstruction.

Vanni Roa

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