Sara Calleja

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Sara Calleja
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Detroit, MI
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Sara Calleja has over 7 years in the Design industry as a 3D Modeling Artist. She now works as a part of the visualization team at Explico creating 3D assets and 3D environments using point cloud data and other resources.

Ms. Calleja graduated from the College of Creative Studies with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Video Game Development and Entertainment Arts. Throughout her career, Ms. Calleja worked as a Freelance Artist doing many different mediums such as welding, sculpting, and 3D Design. While freelancing, Ms. Calleja learned 3D Printing, and it has helped expand her knowledge of 3D Development and allowed her to develop her own video game which is currently in process.

Ms. Calleja continues to expand her knowledge in the 3D development world by doing various experiments with 3D design and implementing them into reality.

Sara Calleja

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