David Szybala

3D Technical Artist

David Szybala
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Detroit, MI
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Mr. David Szybala has over a decade of industry experience in the 3D animation pipeline, from data conversion to final rendering for corporations in the automotive and advertising sectors.

Mr. Szybala started his journey by exploring traditional art courses such as life drawing, painting, lithography, and photography at Western Michigan University. After earning a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in Art, he loved on to expand his technical knowledge and field of study to courses that examined the fundamentals of 3D animation at Baker College. While working full time as a CGI Artist, creating imagery for mechanical components, he took part in an extensive nine-month visual effects curriculum developed and instructed by Escape Studios.

Mr. Szybala continues to expand his skills and knowledge by taking online workshops such as Hollywood Visual Effects for Live Action Integration and Photocell Environments for Film and Broadcast.

David Szybala

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