Transportation Engineering

What is transportation engineering?

Transportation engineering is the application of scientific and engineering principles to the planning, operation, construction, and maintenance of transportation systems as well as how vehicles and people interact with them.

How does it apply to forensic investigation and analysis?

After a traffic incident occurs, gathering evidence is an important step towards understanding how roadway-related factors may or may not have contributed to an incident. Available evidence can be documentation including scene photographs, roadway design plans, construction diagrams, temporary traffic control plans, traffic signal operation plans, traffic control devices, and other issues. Whether an incident location inspection takes place an hour, a day, or years later, it can yield useful data to analyze the area for evidence or changes in the location. For example, video footage from surveillance cameras or dash cameras can be used as well as traffic signal plans to evaluate the light sequence.

What experience does Explico have in this area?

Explico’s engineers are capable of analyzing many issues related to transportation engineering, but our primary focus is on the areas related to traffic incidents. Explico’s engineers can be on-site immediately after an incident or can analyze an incident that occurred years ago based on available evidence, even if elements have changed since the incident originally occurred. Our engineers have the experience and expertise to evaluate and interpret the design standards and guidelines for construction zones, temporary traffic control, public and private access areas, traffic signal operation, waterways, rail yards, and more, which can be critical in the analysis of a particular incident.

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