Mechanical and Metallurgical Failure Analysis

What is Mechanical and Metallurgical Failure Analysis?

Mechanical and Metallurgical Failure Analysis is the combination of mechanical engineering and materials science principles to locate and determine why a mechanical system failed. It can range from determining which part contributed to the overall failure to identifying how the specific material properties of that part contributed to the incident.

How does it apply to forensic investigation and analysis?

When a mechanical system fails, whether it involves pneumatics, hydraulics, plumbing, or mechanical linkages and transmission systems, a typical question asked is whether any observed damage occurred before an incident or as a result of it. A mechanical failure analysis will focus on locating the point of failure to determine cause. A metallurgical failure analysis will dig deeper and consider how the failure of a metal may have played a role by considering manufacturing processes, metallurgical microstructure and composition, and corrosion.  

What experience does Explico have in this area?

Explico’s mechanical and metallurgical engineers have over 30 years of combined experience investigating a variety of mechanical and metallurgical failures across industries including petroleum, refining, construction, and manufacturing as well as industrial and consumer products such as medical implants and personal protective equipment.

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