Injury Causation Analysis
Did THIS event cause THAT injury? There is a right way to figure this out, and it requires certain steps. If you want to know more about those required steps, give us a call.

Biomechanical Accident Reconstruction
In the same way skid marks and damaged vehicles tell a story about an accident, so do injuries. The biomechanical engineers at Explico can use injuries as physical evidence in order to reconstruct the events of an incident.

Nighttime Visibility Evaluation
Explico engineering has the necessary expertise and equipment to evaluate issues related to nighttime visibility.

Occupational Biomechanics
We have the necessary software tools and knowledge to characterize work tasks and determine their association, if any, with specific musculoskeletal disease.

“Black Box” or Event Data Recorder Downloads
Does that car have a downloadable airbag control module (“black box”)? We know. Give us a call to find out. We can also perform or facilitate downloads of commercial vehicles.

Rail Yard Accident Investigations
Investigating and analyzing accidents that occur at rail yards requires a specific understanding of the types of activities that take place and the associated vernacular.

Locomotive Crossing Accident Reconstruction
It is critical to understand the timing associated with these events. Explico’s easy-to-understand time-distance analysis and diagramming provides compelling demonstratives that anyone can understand.

3D Computer Graphics and Animations
Sometimes the only way to communicate a complex scenario is through the use of 3-dimensional graphics and animations. Explico has the ability to generate these types of demonstratives from the ground up.

2D Illustrations and Diagrams
Sure, 3-dimensional images are cool, but at Explico, we subscribe to the KISS philosophy. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Sometimes, a simple 2-dimensional illustration can provide sufficient clarity to communicate the critical issues.

Closed Head Injury Analysis
The biomechanics associated with closed-head brain injury is very complex, and requires a deep understanding of the historical literature. At Explico, we have this deep understanding and love sharing it with others in a way that is easy to understand.

Restraint Usage and Effectiveness Evaluation
Seatbelts and airbags are carefully designed in order to mitigate the forces acting on an occupant during certain crash scenarios. In some cases, their efficacy might be minimal or negligible, depending on a variety of factors. Explico has the experience and knowledge to carefully evaluate each collision specifically, and determine the efficacy of these components.

Helmet Usage Effectiveness Evaluation
The appropriate evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of a helmet involves a multi-disciplinary approach. Specifically, a thorough collision reconstruction and injury causation analysis must be performed. We can do both!

Site Inspection and Survey
Explico’s state-of-the art equipment combined with our wealth of experience comes in handy in the field. Whether the accident is years old, or happened moments ago, we can handle it.

Medical Records Review, Chronology, and Summary
Sitting on stacks and stacks of medical records and billing? We can provide thorough, detailed summaries with hyperlinks back to the original records… for just $0.60 per page!! Call and ask us about a sample work product.

3D Laser Scanning
Just about anyone can operate a laser scanner and collect data… LOTS of data. Then what do you do with it?? Explico engineers have the tools and know-how to convert those millions of points into usable 3D models.

Expert Witness Trial Testimony
When it comes to testifying, there is no substitute for experience. At Explico, our professional engineering staff has extensive experience in a courtroom setting, and we pride ourselves on our exceptional verbal and visual communication skills. Don’t believe us? Call us, and we will be happy to provide references.

Child Abuse Investigation
The stakes are high, and it is crucial you hire engineers who simply don’t settle for anything but the right answer. Period. Explico’s biomechanical engineers can perform a thorough injury causation
analysis in order to determine if a child’s injuries are consistent with a caretaker’s story.

Computer Simulations
As technology continues to advance, and incredible computing power becomes commonplace, virtual simulations provide invaluable data in reconstructing the events of an accident. Explico stays on the cutting edge by routinely performing computer simulations for accidents, and also using these tools to perform research.

Opposing Expert Report Evaluation
Just got a report from the opposition’s expert, and have NO IDEA what they’re saying? Don’t freak out. Even if its not in one of our wheelhouses, we can help connect you with the appropriate expert.

Extended Network Referrals
We have been in the engineering and scientific consulting business for a long time, and have had the opportunity to work with some REALLY smart people. If we can’t help you, we probably know someone who can. Give us a call, we are happy to give referrals to fellow consultants we trust.