Rose Figueroa, PhD, CHFP

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Rose Figueroa, PhD, CHFP
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Tampa Bay, FL
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Dr. Figueroa is a Certified Human Factors Professional and consultant with expertise in cognitive, perceptual, and physical human factors relating to accidents and injuries. Dr. Figueroa leverages cutting-edge technology to convey complex findings in simple, concise terms. Dr. Figueroa has previous testifying experience, is highly skilled in project management, communication, and technical writing, and has extensive experience in public speaking.

Dr. Figueroa has analyzed and explained if a person's capabilities, limitations, and actions may or may not have contributed to accidents in a wide range of scenarios, such as vehicle, boat, motorcycle, pedestrian, micro-mobility, and trucking accidents; alleged medical device or in-surgery injuries; industrial, occupational, and construction accidents; injuries associated with professional/consumer products, premises (i.e., slip, trip, & falls), amusement park rides, and heavy machinery (i.e., forklift, cranes, aerial work platforms).

Dr. Figueroa has expertise in a wide range of human factors topics, including product safety and warnings, risk communication and hazards, driver/operator training and behavior, visibility and conspicuity, perceptual capabilities and limitations, and decision and motor control response times. Dr. Figueroa also has in-depth expertise in physical ergonomics, strength capabilities, kinematics, and biomechanics.

Dr. Figueroa has performed research on visual & auditory cues and accessibility in virtual reality, warnings effectiveness, driver distraction,  driving perceptions and vehicle kinematics, communication methods, nighttime visibility and conspicuity, microbomility (e.g., e-scooters, bicycles), and hand kinematics and forces. She has presented her research work at human factors and biomechanics conferences throughout the U.S. Dr. Figueroa is often invited as a guest speaker to deliver technical talks and CLEs tailored to a wide range of audiences such as experts in the field, college students, and attorneys.

Languages: Spanish, English, Brazilian Portuguese

Rose Figueroa, PhD, CHFP

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