Eugene Lopez-Oña, PE

Senior Engineer

Eugene Lopez-Ona is a licensed Mechanical Engineer and consultant with forensic engineering expertise in mechanical engineering and metallurgical analysis.  As a consultant, Mr. Lopez-Ona emphasizes the importance of ongoing and detailed interpersonal communication and is an excellent technical writer. Mr.Lopez-Ona has interpreted contracts and standards, and has written several quality control specifications for clients.

He has performed analyses on components and applications from industries including oil production and refinement, water treatment, and manufacturing and construction of several types. Specific areas of experience include corrosion analysis, water loss and contamination events, failed bolts and other fasteners, welds, compressor and pump components, valves, HVAC systems, piping and structural components.

Mr. Lopez-Ona’s areas of expertise include metallurgical failure analysis, mechanical engineering and corrosion analysis.  He is experienced in the analysis of failures due to manufacturing defects involving welding, casting, forging, and machining processes.  He is experienced with fractographic techniques, SEM, fracture mechanics, fatigue and overload failures.  Mr. Lopez-Ona is experienced interpreting the results of mechanical testing Mr. Lopez-Ona has performed investigations reconstructing incidents involving fork lift, wheelchair, and all-terrain vehicle and marine accidents. Analyses have included testing the functional properties of tip devices in forklifts and mechanical failure resulting in tipping of wheel chairs.  Marine investigations have included prop strikes and explosions.

Mr. Lopez-Ona is currently working towards a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, his research focuses on the functional properties of materials.

Eugene Lopez-Oña, PE

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