eugene lopez-Oña, P.E.


Eugene Lopez-Oña is a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer and consultant with forensic engineering expertise in mechanical and metallurgical engineering.

Mr. Lopez-Oña is experienced investigating and analyzing failures from a broad range of fields and applications. He has performed failure and design analysis of natural gas and oil wellhead components ranging from tubing hangers to threaded connection and coating failures. He has performed analyses on industrial and domestic HVAC systems and piping. He has performed water loss and contamination investigations for domestic and industrial clients. He has performed analyses on failed bolts and other fasteners, welds, compressor heads and shafts, pump impellers and casings, as well as, structural components.

Mr. Lopez-Oña’s areas of expertise include metallurgical failure analysis, mechanical engineering failure analysis and corrosion analysis. He is experienced in the analysis of failures due to manufacturing defects involving welding, casting, forging, and machining processes. He is experienced with fractographic techniques, SEM, fracture mechanics, fatigue and overload failures, as well as forms of mechanical testing and analysis. He is experienced with materials testing and characterization of steels, coppers, and aluminums. He has also written several material specifications for private clients.

Mr. Lopez-Ona provides a full spectrum work flow from origin & cause to mechanical system and product failure analysis.