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Virtual Reality/Unity Intern


Explico is seeking a VirtualReality/Unity intern for our Detroit office.


Explico is a scientific and engineering consulting firm specializing in collision reconstruction, biomechanics, human factors, transportation engineering, data analysis, mechanical failure analysis, and forensic visualization. We assist clients in understanding complex technical problems by:

1.Providing premium technical consulting services

2.Taking full advantage of modern, state-of-the-art tools

3.Effectively communicating findings directly to clients or in a courtroom setting


Explico is looking for a Virtual Reality/Unity summer intern in our Detroit office. We are a forensic engineering firm and often create visualizations to assist in our analysis. We are looking for someone who can work with our human factors team to build virtual environments for a driving simulator using Unity. The ideal candidate will be familiar with handling all aspects of the 3D workflow from modeling, lighting, texturing, animation, and rendering.


This person can generate a variety of models, props, and environments from a variety of source material including laser scan point clouds, photogrammetry, photographs, and technical drawings. A high degree of geometrical accuracy is typically required for our models, where “eyeballing”won’t cut it. The modeling of vehicle interiors and exteriors, whether from scratch or from existing, purchased models, will be a large part of this person’s workload.


This person needs to know how to make things look GREAT and has experience working with a Physically Based Rendering (PBR) pipeline. For us, it’s about making things look physically accurate and using all of the amazing tools that various 3D software has to offer to do that. This person should have knowledge of various lighting techniques, color correction, and post-processing effects. They should have the ability to optimize various assets and scenes for rendering, including rendering for AR/VR/XR applications.



You like having systems and processes in place so little is left to discretion, guessing, or “winging it.” You double- or triple-read communications prior to sending to ensure grammatical accuracy. When a negative situation is identified, you correct or create a process that ensures no reoccurrence. You have a fine attention to detail and love making things not only physically accurate, but also nice to look at.


You should be willing and able to learn new software and skills, and actively look for opportunities to improve. Computer graphics are constantly evolving, and we want to provide our client with the latest and greatest. Additionally, the more you understand about the science and engineering involved in our analyses and data collection processes the better.


You write and respond to emails making sure to clearly establish requests, responses to inquiries, and actionable items. You don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to get to the bottom of an issue. You understand that most problems are avoided when clear communication is executed at the initiation of a project. You can effectively communicate with individuals with varying skillsets. This person needs to be able to coordinate and speak everyone’s language (engineers AND artists).


You are the type of person that subscribes to the ‘work smarter, not harder’ mentality. You embrace and are excited about the use of technological tools in your day-to-day processes to maintain organization and efficiency. You have been using an online calendar service (Google, iCloud) for years and couldn’t survive without it. You probably have a to-do and notes application that syncs between all of your devices so you are never in a situation where you don’t have your grocery list. You have the ability for basic scripting to automate tasks. You have never said, “I’m just not a techy kind of person.”


This person needs to be technical. Sometimes, we need help from our visualization team to lineup two vehicles to show the impact orientation, create diagrams with dimension lines, and come up with creative ways to take and show various measurements. In other words, you should be good at math... or at least not afraid of math. 



• Experience and/or pursuing formal education in 3D computer graphics

• Experience working with real-time rendering (Unity,Unreal)

• Experience in a leading 3D modeling/animation software,Blender preferred

• Additional technical education in math and science would be helpful

• Experience using a PBR pipeline, including an understanding of the underlying physics

• Experience creating 3D models and geometry from various source materials

To apply, follow the step-by-step instructions in the application form below. To be considered, please do not disregard the video upload portion in which you address the three questions listed below.

1.) Tell us a little bit about you!

2.) Why does this industry/internship appeal to you?

3.) Tell us about a time you disagreed with someone.

To be considered, please follow the application instructions thoroughly. We look forward to learning more about you!

Explico is an equal opportunity employer, including disability. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or other protected characteristic.

To request disability accommodations during the application process, please call Explico’s main line at 248-731-5197 and ask to speak with Human Resources.