Sam Perlmutter, Ph.D.


Dr. Perlmutter combines his multi-disciplinary expertise in data science, engineering, and neuroscience to assist clients in solving scientific and business-related issues.

Dr. Perlmutter has extensive experience in the planning, collection, analysis, and visualization of data in academic/clinical research settings and in the private sector. Through the application of statistics and signal processing, Dr. Perlmutter has assisted clients by uncovering insights from unstructured data such as self-reported surveys, interview responses, and patient assessments; as well as structured data from sensors, instrumentation, motion capture, public databases, and private business databases.  He is proficient in the development and application of R and MATLAB software for importing, organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data, and utilizes the R package Shiny for the development of cloud-based data applications.

Additionally, Dr. Perlmutter utilizes his multi-disciplinary expertise to evaluate postural stability, gait, balance, movement planning, coordination, and reaction time in the analysis of human factors and human performance associated with falls from height, machine guarding, material handling, risk communication, warnings, instructions, slips, trips and falls, construction equipment, confined space-entry, and amusement park attractions. He has also completed analyses of hazards associated with consumer products as well as intellectual property matters related to trade secrets and patents.