Explico is seeking a Project Manager for its Metro Detroit office


Explico (eks-plí-cō) is a Latin word, which means to unfold, unfurl, disentangle, and solve. At Explico Engineering it is our mission to embody this process through the detailed investigation of complex scenarios.

We’re a scientific and engineering consulting firm specializing in collision reconstruction, biomechanics, human factors, transportation engineering, data analysis and mechanical failure analysis. We assist clients in understanding complex technical problems by:

  1. Providing premium technical consulting services

  2. Taking full advantage of modern, state-of-the-art tools

  3. Effectively communicating findings directly to clients or in a courtroom setting

The type of work is widely varied, never routine and always intellectually challenging. Our senior partners have more than 50 years of combined professional experience and are dedicated to growing the business. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, including continuing education funding and potential performance bonuses. The culture within Explico is one of teamwork and mutual respect while having as much fun as possible while delivering world-class analyses.


Explico is seeking a technologically savvy individual with excellent communication, organizational, and customer service skills to join our team as a project manager and customer service liaison (full or part-time). Reporting directly to the principal engineer, this individual will play a critical support role in the implementation of a seamless beginning-to-end project management and customer support system that ensures timely completion of critical deliverables, effective communication both internally and externally, and accurate and timely budgeting and cost control. The ideal candidate balances a breadth of technology experience with the skills to effectively communicate in a technical setting, juggle numerous projects and assignments, maintain and implement impeccable organization and strengthen client relationships through thoughtful consideration of their wants and needs.



Organize large productions of documents, photographs, videos, and other media. Maintain lists of active projects, work that is outstanding, due dates for deliverables, and work that has been performed. Assist project engineers to maintain organization of their work and files. Assist the principal engineer to maintain organization of his constantly changing calendar and complex travel schedule. Utilize existing software to maintain and improve systems of organization for contacts, emails, calendars, and notes.


The project manager will serve as the primary source of contact for both internal members of the team as well as external clients. Clients will depend on you for information related to numerous active projects. The project manager will effectively communicate the clients’ needs to the appropriate team members and establish the necessary action items. The project manager will effectively communicate follow-up to ensure forward progress and ultimate completion of action items.


The project manager will be responsible for coordinating work efforts across numerous projects. The project manager will assist the engineering staff in coordinating and scheduling field work. The appropriate candidate should enjoy overcoming the challenge of coordinating numerous factors to complete a complex set of tasks. The appropriate candidate should be excited about the prospect of using state-of-the art tools (video conferencing, online scheduling services, powerful CRM software) to make complicated coordination seamless and effective.


The project manager will be responsible for the creation of new organizational workflows and processes. The project manager will also assist in the creation of timely invoices and other various documents and deliverables. Inevitably, the project manager will be in touch with areas of “friction” in current workflows and be responsible for creating solutions to mitigate and eliminate inefficiencies.



You like having systems and processes in place so little is left to discretion, guessing, or “winging it.” You double- or triple-read communications prior to sending to ensure grammatical accuracy. When a negative situation is identified, you correct or create a process that ensures no reoccurrence.


You write and respond to email making sure to clearly establish requests, responses to inquiries, and actionable items. You don’t hesitate to pick up the phone in order to get to the bottom of an issue. You understand that most problems are avoided when clear communication is executed at the initiation of a project.


You thrive on interpersonal interaction and would prefer to spend your day interfacing with others rather than work in an environment of solitude. You look forward to opportunities to build and develop relationships. 


You are the type of person that subscribes to the ‘work smarter, not harder’ mentality. You embrace and are excited about the use of technological tools in your day-to-day processes to maintain organization. You have been using an online calendar service (Google, iCloud) for years and couldn’t survive without it. You probably have a to-do and notes application that syncs between all of your devices so you are never in a situation where you don’t have your grocery list. You have never said, “I’m just not a techy kind of person.”



Experience and/or formal education in project management, sales, and/or customer service will make your application stand out, but we’re open to different backgrounds. If you’ve got less experience but an excellent track record of working in teams, keeping yourself and others organized, and effectively communicating with team members and customers, we would still like to hear from you. Additionally, we would consider an entry-level candidate with demonstrated success in academics through the successful completion of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.


You can easily annotate a PDF document, you know your way around Microsoft Office, and you have familiarity with digital calendaring and to-do applications. You’re not afraid of learning new software or working in an all Mac environment.


We are a young organization, and we’re still building many of our project management systems That means, in time, your role could evolve. We’re also small, and everyone helps out with all tasks (no matter how big or small). You’ll work with different types of scientists and engineers and all the leaders in the company. You will need to be adaptable as we continue to grow and learn.



Skip the traditional cover letter! Instead, respond to all four of these prompts. You can format the answers however you like, so we encourage you to show off your creativity, writing, and formatting skills. Please send the responses to these questions along with your resume to info@explico.com.

  1. What’s interesting to you about this position? How does the position fit with your personality and career goals?

  2. Describe an instance or general situation where you had to coordinate the completion of a project amongst multiple team members. What was the challenge? How did you navigate through and solve it? What did you learn and what, if anything, would you have done differently?

  3. What part of the position are you least comfortable with? Why?

  4. In general, what sort of things do you find important in a workplace environment to contribute to your general satisfaction?